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Eva Püssa

I have been a customer of Nordic Dental Clinic since it opened, and during the time while Dr. Kristo Ivanov has been my dentist I have changed my family doctor 3 times for various reasons. So, just like the doctor mentioned himself not so long ago, soon he could very well take over as my family doctor (I assume this was a joke, but as a matter of fact – why not, as he would definitely manage to handle everything perfectly). So, I have a very long and loyal relationship with this establishment. Why? Because I have not found a better one, and, to be honest, I haven’t even tried to, as there has been absolutely no reason to do that. Other than professionalism I would also mention administration, as well as consideration and flexibility of the doctors… If their patient is in trouble, they will find time even in the most busy schedule, and the problem will get solved.

I remember a situation where trial tooth crowns for my front teeth (they are made from a different material than permanent ones) changed their colour to dark-yellow after I had a meal reach in curcuma (well, Kristo did warn me not to eat colourful things). It did not bother me much, and I would not have even asked for emergency help, as I was about to get permanent crowns in a couple of days anyway. However, when I told Dr. Ivanov about this just in case, he immediately found time for appointment in his busy schedule. Only God and the sister know what he did there in my mouth, but I left his office with perfectly white teeth, for which I was so thankful! I have to say though, that before making this miracle happen the doctor found a couple of minutes to have a good laugh at the dirty-yellow teeth that graced my smile. It is fair to say that he was laughing like crazy… just like all of us. So, if you don’t like laughter and good mood, you’d better look for another clinic.

Kadri Hinrikus

Nordic Dental Clinic always ensures patient-friendly approach. For some mysterious reason, dental fear familiar to many disappears already in the waiting room. I still fail to understand how they have achieved that.

I would like to thank Dr. Pille Soom individually for her professionalism and pleasant attitude. I really feel that I am in good hands – the treatment plan is always prepared correctly and thoroughly, and the pricelist includes even the smallest procedures. And I am still amazed how painlessly and smoothly everything works here.

Thank you very much!

Alice Talvik

Have you ever wondered why some people who must or want to make public appearances (for example on television), decide to stand in front of all the people with decayed teeth or even with visible “black holes” in their mouth. It doesn’t do any favours to their appearance and it’s a bit embarrassing to look at… Much like it would be to see the open fly of their trousers.

Well, as soon as one starts to discuss someone else’s imperfections, everyone is there to remind that the first thing to criticize should be one’s own reflection. Got it!

As the old sayings go: “An ill tooth can ravish a man’s mind” and “The devil, too, can’t stand a toothache!” After going through all the dental phobias, give yourself some mercy and set your steps to Nordic Dental Clinic. If your Tooth Fairy hasn’t given you a set of beautiful and strong teeth you may rest assured that Dr Ivanov’s Nordic Dental Clinic will create them for you, for they are real dental artists.

“Keeping the teeth protected, keeps your taste perfected” (an old saying).

Alice Talvik
(76, with a full set)

Anne Veesaar

If Nordic Dental Clinic had been around when I was young, I wouldn’t have to go there so often now. Then again, there are two sides to everything – I love going there! I think I don’t have to describe the wonderful communication and super professional medical care, as well as the top quality equipment that they use. I want to talk about the humor that is my favorite, since it creates an atmosphere in the clinic, where fear, panic and worry disappear. I don’t think I’ve ever been to any other doctor’s appointment, where there is as much laughter than at Nordic. 

The triplet brothers, the Antsons

Nordic Dental Clinic is the best dental clinic in Estonia, because they have the best doctors in their field, who really are trustworthy, always in a good mood, and always have a joke to spare. Their service is seriously professional and their ambiance is friendly. 

Liis Lemsalu

I have always had a huge fear of dentists, but after my first visit to the Nordic Dental Clinic, my fear was completely gone.

I am extremely satisfied that I finally found a place where I don’t have to be nervous in the dentist’s chair. You could even say that now I am happy to go to the dentist :)

Ott Lepland

I have getting my teeth cared for at the Nordic Dental clinic and I am very happy with the results – I even trusted my mother to the care of these doctors :)

Susan Lilleväli

I always leave Nordic Dental clinic in a really good mood – all the jokes the doctor makes while you’re having your procedure done, you’ll get to laugh at them all the way home, because it’s harder to do when you’re saying “aah”.

I highly recommend the clinic to those who, for some reason, have an intense fear of dentists, because the doctors there are better than laughing gas and they make you forget the fear. You’ll be in a good mood and your teeth will be fixed!

Nele-Liis Vaiksoo

It’s the best dental clinic in Estonia. The service is always very pleasant and you get the feeling that you’re being taken care of properly. Since the place is very warm and they also have the newest technology and super nice doctors, that fear of dentist disappears in both adults and children.

Maiken aka Kadri Koppel

About the clinic – for starters, the ambiance is very stylish and warm, not like a medical facility at all, more like a cozy spa :)

I have actually always been afraid of dentists and I’ve put off that “unpleasant” trip to the dentist as long as possible. However, after starting treatment with Dr. Ivanov, I even feel like I want to go back as soon as possible. There aren’t too many other doctors whose wonderful sense of humor makes the atmosphere so relaxed. At the same time, I’m getting a full description of the procedures that are going on in my mouth. I have a feeling that this must be a clinic where no patient has ever felt pain or fear.

Kadri Tikerpuu

I’ve been a patient of the Nordic Dental clinic since they opened their doors. It’s even kind of weird to say ‘clinic’ about the place, because I’ve always felt as if I were going to a salon instead, which is very pleasant.

There you have the combination of professional medical care, the best service, a luxurious atmosphere. My personal doctor is Dr. Kristo Ivanov, whose patient I have been since the start of his career. I must say that you’d really have to look hard for a more caring doctor and even then I’m not sure you’d find one ;) I have recommended Dr. Ivanov to my friends and I’m always personally very happy too when I get super positive feedback from them as well. PS! This modern doctor is also a very universal one, like a VJ too a little – you see, there’s this screen above the dental chair, where the patient can watch a live concert of their favorite artist. ;)

Kirke Ert

Nordic Dental clinic is an exceptionally friendly medical facility, where you can always get an appointment very fast in an emergency, if needed, and where the service is world class.

I guarantee that you’ll forget pain and fear the moment that the head doctor Dr. Ivanov starts treating you, and I do recommend that you prepare to experience a modern, painless visit to the dentist.

Kirsti Timmer

I have trusted my dental care to Dr. Kristo Ivanov. Sometimes I’m even sad that I rarely have a reason to visit and that is, of course, because of Dr. Ivanov’s work.

First of all, his work is of such good quality that you don’t have to go often. Second, when you’re sitting in the dentist’s chair (which most people aren’t too glad to do), their humor diverts your attention, so you’re not thinking about the cavity being fixed at all. Also, I trust his recommendations a hundred percent, because they really are in my best interest.

I’m not afraid of dentists, but I am afraid of those anesthetic shots, so my recommendation is that if you have the same fear, choose Dr. Ivanov. I can say wholeheartedly that I can’t feel it when he gives me those shots. And if you do feel it, blame it on me. Wishing you comfortable and humor-filled sittings in the dental chair at Nordic Dental clinic, smiling bright, Kristi Timmer..

Liina Vahtrik

Oh my God, I was so scared of dentists before! But after I met Kristo, going to the dentist has become as pleasant as going to the spa :)

It does feel safe and secure to be in the hands of this caring, attentive and humorous super professional. Already when entering the Nordic Dental Clinic, you start to feel less stressed. You get this feeling that you’ve entered someone’s living room, not a medical, hospital like atmosphere. In any case, I am very grateful. And I am never going to let anyone else near my teeth again! 

Piret Lilleväli

I waited for quite a long time before going to get a dental implant, because several of my acquaintances had described how awful it was: weeks, if not months, of pain and swelling, some even had bruises on their face. So when Dr Ivanov talked about it as a simple operation that is unlikely to be painful, I didn’t take him seriously.

I chose a Friday afternoon for the procedure, stocked up on painkillers and prepared to suffer through the weekend. The result, however, was that not only was the whole procedure of removing the old tooth and putting in the implant no more bothersome than getting a regular filling, but I also never got the pain and the suffering that I expected. Of course, one of the reasons was probably that what he had to work with was in rather good shape, meaning that the implant could be put in place right after removing the tooth and no bone grafting was necessary, and so on, but I do believe that the doctor chose the best method and knew his work well. I am confident in recommending him to everyone.

Artur Talvik

Dentists were the stuff of nightmares for me ever since Soviet times… until my experience with Kristo and his keen eye.

Within one year, he has changed the nightmarish role of dentists for me. He has skillfully fixed all my cavities, restored my mouth’s ability to eat normally, as well as fixed the appearance of my teeth. I am very satisfied!

Maret Soom

Going to the dentist has been a frightening experience for me as a child, most of all because of not knowing what to expect and because of the fear of pain. The professional, friendly and helpful team of the Nordic Dental clinic has made me forget that fear a long time ago and now each visit to the clinic is more like a trip to the spa.

Koit Toome

I have to admit that going to the dentist isn’t my favorite thing, but Nordic Dental Clinic has made it a very pleasant experience. The service is professional, the clinic looks beautiful and I don’t think it’s possible to pull out a wisdom tooth with less pain than how Dr Ivanov did.

Kaia Triisa

The Nordic Dental Clinic looks really beautiful and the quality of the service is high. Dr Ivanov is always helpful and meets you in high spirits, making the whole time at the dentist fun and pain free. I would trust my “chompers” to him anytime.

Teele Kelle

Thanks to the determined, trustworthy and friendly doctors at Nordic Dental Clinic I have managed to get my almost insane fear of dentists under control. I do feel that it really matters for the doctors of NHK what they do and how they do their job. They work very neatly: conveniently fast, but with great attention and care. The final result – the fixed tooth – will always look natural to the eye and also feels natural in the mouth. These days I leave from the dentist’s visit in a good mood and feeling proud: every appointment marks a new success.

Marek Doronin

Ever since childhood my dentist appointments have been some of the most unpleasant experiences I’ve had and this is also why I used to avoid visiting a dental clinic for years. But after my first appointment with Dr Ivanov at Nordic Dental Clinic I found a totally new perspective on that matter. The modern interior, excellent service and the skilled hands of Dr Ivanov make a visit to feel – one would even say – pleasant! I also appreciate very much the always smiling receptionists and the professional support personnel.

Highly recommended for everyone!

Lilit Höijer

To my experience, Nordic Dental Clinic focuses hard on the total wellbeing of their clients. Unlike my previous experiences with dentists and dental care, here I was involved both in discussing the design of my treatment plan and the different stages of my treatment.

The excellent professional skills of the Nordic Dental Clinic’s and Nordic Dental Lab’s teams together with an explicit will to do their best for the client really do deserve full respect. After years of struggling with my dental problems, I’m now a satisfied and happy client in the firm hands of Nordic Dental Clinic’s doctors. A big thank you for the staff of Nordic Dental Clinic and Nordic Dental Lab!

Kaia Toom

I am really pleased with everything. My doctor is Dr Beljakov, a very sympathetic and nice young man. While travelling back home on board a ferry was already made plans of doing some word-of-mouth advertising for Nordic Dental Clinic. I did compare prices with other clinics beforehand and I can’t find a big difference there, but I do find a great difference in the service quality and the attitude of the staff. Superlux!

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