Representatives of our clinic, incl. our Head Doctor Dr. Ivanov, went to one of the largest dental treatment fairs in the world to update the existing and conclude new cooperation agreements. It is not a surprise any more that economic position of strength is turning more and more to the east.

Asian countries are taking more and more a leading position in the dental implant market, and therefore we also use implants of one of the Korean largest implant Group MegaGen by having a distributor agreement for that. The founder and inventor of MegaGen has himself been an active dentist for decades, and he owns 28 dental clinics with the total of about 1,000 dentists. He was the first dentist to start with the creation of his own implant system in Korea. The Swiss implant manufacturer Straumann, a company that possesses a certain quality label among dentists, has also realised the quality of MegaGen as well as its growing success among the dentists all over the world as Straumann has invested tens of millions of dollars in the development of MegaGen. Negotiations are being held for buying a holding in MegaGen Group. This is one more encouraging sign for us that we are on the right way.

As our doctors appreciate innovation and modern approach, it is known that the World Health Organization (WHO) sees hazardous chemicals as one of the main health hazards and tumour causing factors. Any kind of plastic materials contain these hazardous chemicals, incl. the plastic toothbrushes that can be found in every bathroom and that have been made of residual oil. Henceforth, we will have distributor agreement for natural bamboo toothbrushes, the every small detail of which has been made of bamboo. Nevertheless, these are as effective and long-lasting as the toothbrushes used so far. Humble Brush is a toothbrush that is getting more and more popular among the customers. As to our neighbours, the toothbrush is very successful in Sweden and Latvia, and now it is Estonia’s turn smile emoticon The toothbrush has been again invented by a specialist in the field of dental treatment.

As the third cooperation agreement, we signed an agreement with Megasonex, a company of the US origin, before the fair in Cologne for resale of this company’s toothpaste and ultrasonic toothbrush. It is essential to point out again that all carcinogens (i.e. agents causing cancer, foaming agents, etc) have been removed from the toothpaste. The toothpaste itself is sensitive-resistant and has a whitening effect, and it is also one of the little toothpaste in the world that contains hydroxyapatite, a substance that is found in the natural composition of teeth. As to the toothbrush, it is interesting that it actually is an ultrasonic brush. Many well-known manufacturers of electric toothbrushes erroneously give wrong information to the customers about the mechanism of the toothbrush by saying that they operate on ultrasonic principle. However, we should remember that vibration caused by an electric motor is not the same as ultrasound inaudible to the ear. Megasonex toothbrush has also the popular electric vibration mode but the toothbrush is special for its ultrasonic function. It is an interesting fact that a test was carried out in ultrasonic mode of the respective toothbrush – the toothbrush was in ultrasonic mode, away from the mouth and 5 mm away from the teeth, and the result of the test was that bacteria died on the tooth surface even without having had any contact with the toothbrush. Thus, it has been scientifically proved that the toothbrush has a bactericidal effect. Megasonex brand was created by a gentleman in his seventies, also active as a dentist in the USA. He manages a family business there.

We have also signed a cooperation agreement with Prodont Holligeri – the largest and oldest manufacturer of dental instruments in France.

All the above-mentioned products are already available or will be available on the Estonian market from March/ April 2015. The products meant for wider range of customers, i.e. for patients, will be available for people in larger retail chains all over Estonia.

We wish everybody good health!