Currently our long time team member Dr. Jaroslav Skrut, who has also studied with Dr. Ivanov, is enrolled in the highly competitive residency program for restorative dentistry at the University of Tartu.

Dr. Silva Saukas is also acquiring a specialized degree, after graduating the University of Tartu Medical School cum laude! Dr. Kristina Kull, who defended her thesis at the supervision of Dr. Ivanov, started her studies in maxillofacial surgery. “Good material isn’t hard to shape, because our young colleagues are very studious. Another good thing is that continuous self-development and studying is increasingly valued. After all, a doctor’s profession means lifelong learning!” said Dr. Ivanov. All these wonderful young doctors are seeing patients at our clinics, Dr. Kull will return in the fall, after her summer vacation. Congratulations to all the graduates and best of luck in the chosen paths! The NDC team.