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Development of treatment plans and consultation

The importance of well-planned treatment

The cornerstone of any successful treatment is a well thought-out and thoroughly revised treatment plan that suits both the patient and the doctor. A treatment plan is important for both parties: it should help the patient acheive a full understanding of all the aspects of their treatment and therefore make consious decisions while the doctor should percieve the treatment plan as a documented step-by-step treatment strategy.

The doctors at Nordic Dental Clinic will gladly help patients establish sound treatment plans or offer an oppinion on an existing one. While developing treatment plans for our patients, we always use a multidisciplinary approach that should lead towards the best treatment outcomes and satisfaction of our patients.

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NB! Nordic Dental Clinic does not have a joint contract with Estonian Health Insurance Fund for compensating children’s dental treatments. Due to this the dental treatments for children are invoiced to clients according to the regular price list. However, Estonian Health Insurance Fund does compensate Nordic Dental Clinic’s prosthesis works for pensioners in the amount of 255.65 EUR (once in every 3 years).

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