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Piret Lilleväli


I waited for quite a long time before going to get a dental implant, because several of my acquaintances had described how awful it was: weeks, if not months, of pain and swelling, some even had bruises on their face. So when Dr Ivanov talked about it as a simple operation that is unlikely to be painful, I didn’t take him seriously.

I chose a Friday afternoon for the procedure, stocked up on painkillers and prepared to suffer through the weekend. The result, however, was that not only was the whole procedure of removing the old tooth and putting in the implant no more bothersome than getting a regular filling, but I also never got the pain and the suffering that I expected. Of course, one of the reasons was probably that what he had to work with was in rather good shape, meaning that the implant could be put in place right after removing the tooth and no bone grafting was necessary, and so on, but I do believe that the doctor chose the best method and knew his work well. I am confident in recommending him to everyone.