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Kirsti Timmer


I have trusted my dental care to Dr. Kristo Ivanov. Sometimes I’m even sad that I rarely have a reason to visit and that is, of course, because of Dr. Ivanov’s work.

First of all, his work is of such good quality that you don’t have to go often. Second, when you’re sitting in the dentist’s chair (which most people aren’t too glad to do), their humor diverts your attention, so you’re not thinking about the cavity being fixed at all. Also, I trust his recommendations a hundred percent, because they really are in my best interest.

I’m not afraid of dentists, but I am afraid of those anesthetic shots, so my recommendation is that if you have the same fear, choose Dr. Ivanov. I can say wholeheartedly that I can’t feel it when he gives me those shots. And if you do feel it, blame it on me. Wishing you comfortable and humor-filled sittings in the dental chair at Nordic Dental clinic, smiling bright, Kristi Timmer..