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Kadri Tikerpuu


I’ve been a patient of the Nordic Dental clinic since they opened their doors. It’s even kind of weird to say ‘clinic’ about the place, because I’ve always felt as if I were going to a salon instead, which is very pleasant.

There you have the combination of professional medical care, the best service, a luxurious atmosphere. My personal doctor is Dr. Kristo Ivanov, whose patient I have been since the start of his career. I must say that you’d really have to look hard for a more caring doctor and even then I’m not sure you’d find one ;) I have recommended Dr. Ivanov to my friends and I’m always personally very happy too when I get super positive feedback from them as well. PS! This modern doctor is also a very universal one, like a VJ too a little – you see, there’s this screen above the dental chair, where the patient can watch a live concert of their favorite artist. ;)