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Eva Püssa

I have been a customer of Nordic Dental Clinic since it opened, and during the time while Dr. Kristo Ivanov has been my dentist I have changed my family doctor 3 times for various reasons. So, just like the doctor mentioned himself not so long ago, soon he could very well take over as my family doctor (I assume this was a joke, but as a matter of fact – why not, as he would definitely manage to handle everything perfectly). So, I have a very long and loyal relationship with this establishment. Why? Because I have not found a better one, and, to be honest, I haven’t even tried to, as there has been absolutely no reason to do that. Other than professionalism I would also mention administration, as well as consideration and flexibility of the doctors… If their patient is in trouble, they will find time even in the most busy schedule, and the problem will get solved.

I remember a situation where trial tooth crowns for my front teeth (they are made from a different material than permanent ones) changed their colour to dark-yellow after I had a meal reach in curcuma (well, Kristo did warn me not to eat colourful things). It did not bother me much, and I would not have even asked for emergency help, as I was about to get permanent crowns in a couple of days anyway. However, when I told Dr. Ivanov about this just in case, he immediately found time for appointment in his busy schedule. Only God and the sister know what he did there in my mouth, but I left his office with perfectly white teeth, for which I was so thankful! I have to say though, that before making this miracle happen the doctor found a couple of minutes to have a good laugh at the dirty-yellow teeth that graced my smile. It is fair to say that he was laughing like crazy… just like all of us. So, if you don’t like laughter and good mood, you’d better look for another clinic.