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Alice Talvik

Have you ever wondered why some people who must or want to make public appearances (for example on television), decide to stand in front of all the people with decayed teeth or even with visible “black holes” in their mouth. It doesn’t do any favours to their appearance and it’s a bit embarrassing to look at… Much like it would be to see the open fly of their trousers.

Well, as soon as one starts to discuss someone else’s imperfections, everyone is there to remind that the first thing to criticize should be one’s own reflection. Got it!

As the old sayings go: “An ill tooth can ravish a man’s mind” and “The devil, too, can’t stand a toothache!” After going through all the dental phobias, give yourself some mercy and set your steps to Nordic Dental Clinic. If your Tooth Fairy hasn’t given you a set of beautiful and strong teeth you may rest assured that Dr Ivanov’s Nordic Dental Clinic will create them for you, for they are real dental artists.

“Keeping the teeth protected, keeps your taste perfected” (an old saying).

Alice Talvik
(76, with a full set)