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Oral surgery

Surgical procedures in the oral cavity

Oral surgery covers a wide range of procedures from dealing with life-threatening medical emergencies to aesthetic pre-prosthetic surgical procedures.

At Nordic Dental Clinic we carry out all of our surgical procedures in strict accordance to the principles and rules on aseptics and antiseptics – all of the armamentarium and materials that are used (including operation gloves) are sterile. This way, we give our best to minimize the risk of post-operative infectious complications that may cause discomfort to our patients.

The procedures we offer are: complex extractions of teeth (including impacted teeth, etc), implantation-related procedures (placing implants, soft tissue grafting, bone grafting, sinus-lift operations), management of odontogenic infectious conditions, periodontal surgical procedures, soft tissue cyst and bone cyst management, endodontic surgery (apicoectomy, etc), frenulotomies and frenulectomies.

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NB! Nordic Dental Clinic does not have a joint contract with Estonian Health Insurance Fund for compensating children’s dental treatments. Due to this the dental treatments for children are invoiced to clients according to the regular price list. However, Estonian Health Insurance Fund does compensate Nordic Dental Clinic’s prosthesis works for pensioners in the amount of 255.65 EUR (once in every 3 years).

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