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Price List



Present card
Visit fee and consultation 40,00
Compiling a written treatment plan 35,00
Soda cleaning AirFlow 80,00
Application anaesthesia 5,00
Injection anaesthesia 12,00
Digital X-ray 12,00
Digital X-ray full mouth 20,00
The second unannounced non-appearance to the visit costs 35,00


Composite filling from 21,00-84,00

Root canal treatment

Opening the cavity, placing the drug and a temporary filling 35,00
Changing the drug in the root canal + temporary filling 37,00
Cleaning and enlarging one root canal 49,00
Cleaning and enlarging every subsequent root canal 27,00
Filling of one root canal 49,00
Filling of every subsequent root canal 27,00

Surgery and gum treatment

Extraction of single-root tooth 45,00
Extraction of multiple-root tooth 70,00
Extraction of retained tooth 150,00
Abscess drainage 30,00
Cyst removal 85,00
Gingival plastic surgery - up to 4 teeth involved 150,00
Frenuloplasty 150,00
Vestibuloplasty 150,00
Wisdom tooth removal 85,00
Treatment of alveolitis 35,00
Treatment of pericoronitis (3rd molar problematic eruption) 35,00
Treatment of pericoronitis  20,00


Preparation of tooth for crowning 55,00
Occlusal index, silicone 30,00
Cast post and core restoration 180,00
Additional post 70,00
Metal-ceramic crown 325,00
Metal-ceramic crown with precious metal 380,00
Empress porcelain crown 425,00
Ceramic crown from 355,00-500,00
Acrylic removable partial denture 300,00
Full denture 800,00
Removable partial denture (metal basis) 500,00


Preventive removal of dental deposits - 30 min. 37,00
Thorough removal of deposits - one tooth 12,00


Replacement of tooth with implant 600,00
Sinus floor augmentation 300,00
Implant removal 30,00
Implant check-up and X-ray 35,00
Implant crown  from 510,00 - 725,00

Tooth whitening

Teeth whitening - 30 minutes (1 jaw) 160,00
Teeth whitening kit for usage at home (1 custom made tray + 2 gels) 190,00
Whitening of nonvital tooth, 1 visit 70,00

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NB! The second unannounced non-appearance to the visit costs €35!

NB! Nordic Dental Clinic does not have a joint contract with Estonian Health Insurance Fund for compensating children’s dental treatments. Due to this the dental treatments for children are invoiced to clients according to the regular price list. However, Estonian Health Insurance Fund does compensate Nordic Dental Clinic’s prosthesis works for pensioners in the amount of 255.65 EUR (once in every 3 years).

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