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Dental implants

A dental implant is essentially an artificial tooth root that carries a prosthetic restoration (for example a single crown). It is a safe and efficient way to replace missing teeth in virtually any case. The use of dental implants can also eliminate the risks and disadvantages of other types of prosthetic restorations, for example removable dentures tend to injure the oral mucosa and the underlying alveolar bone (causing bone resorption).Also, extensive fixed prosthesis (more commonly known as bridges) require the preparation of neighbouring teeth to replace a single (or multiple) missing teeth located in between them – this might unnecissarily injure the prepared teeth and require additional treatments steps like endodontic therapy, etc.

The dental implants used in Nordic Dental Clinic are made from titanium. Titanium is the most biocompatible material known today, it is also used for manufacturing surgical instruments and orthopaedic prosthesis. It is also possible to place dental implants consisting of zirconia. Zirconia is also an exteremly biocompatible material used to manufacture orthopaedic prosthesis.

The procedure of placing a dental implant is quick and painless. It commonly takes about 45 minutes. After placing an implant we always check its΄ position radiographically.

The placement of the proshtetic restoration on the implant varies (depending on the individual clinical case) from 3 to 6 months. It is possible to place single or multiple fixed crowns, brigdes or removable prosthesis on dental implants.

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NB! Nordic Dental Clinic does not have a joint contract with Estonian Health Insurance Fund for compensating children’s dental treatments. Due to this the dental treatments for children are invoiced to clients according to the regular price list. However, Estonian Health Insurance Fund does compensate Nordic Dental Clinic’s prosthesis works for pensioners in the amount of 255.65 EUR (once in every 3 years).

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